Tuesday August 31 2004

This is the old fbgetty site at the new project address: http://projects.meuh.org/fbgetty/. Update your bookmarks.

Mailing lists are still hosted by Savannah. Just rename fbgetty-listname AT meuh.eu.org to fbgetty-listname AT nongnu.org.

The public CVS repository is closed.
I'm planning to use GNU arch/TLA instead.

Thursday August 15 2002

The site is back online. Page desappeared in a disk crash. This outtage was fixed shortly, but i haven't found time to upgrade the cvs to the new disk scheme.
Developpement on fbgetty is frozen, I have other projects to close before working on the new version of fbgetty.

Friday January 18 2002

There's some minor cosmetics bugs with fbgetty-0.1.698 (and previous): some informations must be better display: configure result and fbgetty --compile, issue is not concerned.

For MIPS users, there's a bug in config.guess and config.sub, so before trying to configure the package, they have to download new version of those scripts:

    $ tar xvzf fbgetty-0.1.698.tar.gz
    $ cd fbgetty-0.1.698/config
    $ wget ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/config/config.guess
    $ wget ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/config/config.sub
    $ chmod a+x config.guess
    $ chmod a+x config.sub
    $ cd ..
    $ ./configure.default 
    $ make
    $ su
    # make install

Saturday December 29 2001

fbgetty-0.1.698 is released today
New from fbgetty-0.1.698test2: a tag to print terminal speed, a minimal support for job control. Check NEWS for a more release information. Download now fbgetty-0.1.698.tar.gz (273k)

The 0.1 branch is officially closed. Next development for release 0.2 will focus on a better code design. CVS will be updated on default branch (HEAD).

Happy New Year (with a new fbgetty ;).

Thursday December 27 2001

fbgetty-0.1.698test2 is released today
This new test release add some new features for the login prompt. Patch against fbv is updated for 0.95. The configure script is also upgraded: more check, smarter configuration summary.

Check NEWS for a more release information. Download now fbgetty-0.1.698test2.tar.gz (271k)

Sunday December 23 2001

fbgetty-0.1.698test is released today
The fbgetty-0.1.698 test release is available. The secure exec feature seems to be correct now (no more crash all programs ran later on the tty).
Please test it as much as you can, especially interactions between shell's job control (bash, tcsh, zsh, etc), emacs and ssh. Report all strange behavior. The fbgetty-0.1.698 release will appear before the end of year 2001, and then, the 0.1.6 branch will be closed.

Check NEWS for a more release information. Download now fbgetty-0.1.698test.tar.gz (269k) and TEST it.

I will be quite unavailable during the next 2 weeks, so don't expect to find me on IRC. Notice that i'm no more always on channel #fbgetty from the irc.tuxfamily.org server for some months. Send an email to make an appointement with me if you want to discuss.

Friday September 07 2001

fbgetty-0.1.69 is released today

I said the 0.1 branch was closed, but it appears that i cannot make what i want!
Why this released is numbered 0.1.69 ? The only open branch that is currently openned is 0.1.6, and i did not want to open the fbgetty-0_1_7-branch in CVS (need merge, then new branch), so no 0.1.7 version. was a solution, but i don't want 4 numbers version, 0.1.6a was another i didn't want. The solution I found was to add a number after the minor version number: 0.1.60, 0.1.61. 0.1.66 was my first choice, but i found more funny 0.1.69, so here is the fbgetty-0.1.69 release. Future version won't have this numbering problems: they will be named fbgetty-[major].[minor].[patchlevel], so next fbgetty will be 0.2 (perhaps patched as 0.2.1)

This test release was made for Debian maintainer purpose, it support a more powerfull secure exec support for running program from issue. Autoconf-2.52e was used for the configure script.

See NEWS for a more (but not) complete information. Download now fbgetty-0.1.69.tar.gz (264k) and enjoy.

Thursday September 06 2001

fbgetty-0.1.6 is released today
This release includes a new vt switching code (more faster, no longer lock screen), extended syntax in issue parsing, UTMPX, new long tags, many bugs corrected. See NEWS for a more (but not) complete information. Download now fbgetty-0.1.6.tar.gz (260k) and enjoy.

Tuesday August 29 2001

The fbgetty source code is now available through a public CVS server, see cvs information

Also available now, a bug tracking system, see bug tracking section for information about how using it.

Tuesday August 28 2001

The web site is now edited through CVS. Just commit the changes, and they appear on the site. Changes are logged on mailling: fbgetty-www-commit@meuh.eu.org

The fbgetty source code will be on CVS by the end of the week. Yes, really, after too long time!

Tuesday August 21 2001

No new release, some patches were available on mailing list. I still waiting for porting fbgetty to ia64.

Please check the cvs informations, because it was migrated. Still no fbgetty repository, only the web site is available. It's now possible to browse the cvs repository online

The mailing list were also migrated, they are now hosted by Savannah. Alias are setup, so don't worry about how send message, the old address are still valid. But the subscription mechanism and the archive are changed

New: check out fbsh. It's an another fbgetty able to display XPM pictures. There is also the fbsh program that run a shell in graphical window on the framebuffer, it's quite limited but interesting

Saturday July 21 2001 Late again, but bug are fixed (i hope so) !
fbgetty-0.1.6test release is available. This test release includes a new vt switching code (more faster, no longer lock screen) and corrects many bugs, see NEWS.
Download now fbgetty-0.1.6test.tar.gz (241k) and test it.
Monday July 09 2001 Before the end of the week, a test release will be available for fbgetty-0.1.6.
A fbgetty channel on IRC is born: go to irc.tuxfamily.org, channel #fbgetty, and you will be able to discuss with fbgetty author, me :-).
fbgetty project page at freshmeat.net was updated.
Remember to subscribe to fbgetty mailing lists. You will get announces for package and homepage updates and much more ! (low volume).
Thursday July 05 2001

New fbgetty homepage (another one :-). Still hosted by TuxFamily.org. No public ftp access at this time, but mailing lists exists now. CVS hosting is not currently decided: savannah or tuxfamily ?

Problems were reported by debian package maintainer:

  • issue tags problems : fixed but not released yet
  • build failure with GCC 3.0 on Mips
  • strange behaviour on PowerPC: fbgetty print y-umlauts forever See fbgetty debian package bug database.

Wednesday June 13 2001 The fbgetty has a project page on Savannah. Savannah is like SourceForge but maintened by the GNU project. Primary goal of Savannah was to host GNU projects, but it was extented to host any free software project.
Be prepared for a big move!
Wednesday May 23 2001 The fbgetty web site is available by anonymous CVS. For more information, have a look here.
Friday April 20 2001 Some parts of the fbgetty documentation are available online here
Wednesday April 18 2001 This day fbgetty homepage moved here. Thanks to tuxfamily.org, you will never get some kind of advices like on previous hosting service.
The fbgetty project will probably gain a mailing list, some ftp space and a CVS repository.
Tuesday April 05 2001 After a long week, the final 0.1.5 release is here. Nothing new for the users since 0.1.5test. But check the code, some parts are cleaner but other ones are really strange (see include/fbgetty/generated).
People using 0.1.4 are encouraged to upgrade.
See NEWS. Download now fbgetty-0.1.5.tar.gz (229k) and test it.
Thursday March 01 2001 At this time, I get no report for the test release. I will make an announcement for the test release on freshmeat by the end of the week. Then i will wait another week before releasing the 0.1.5 final release. I'm waiting for bugs.
Sunday February 25 2001 I release today a test release for fbgetty-0.1.5.
This one support long tag, program arguments, and much more. See NEWS. Download now fbgetty-0.1.5test.tar.gz (226k) and test it.
2000 old News
1999 old News


fbgetty is an extended getty program. It support extended tag set, escape codes. It refresh the display when the virtual terminal is activated. In the near future, it will display images with framebuffer. More information in the

Project Pages

The project has a projet page at Savanah.
The project is hosted by TuxFamily


All the documenation is here

Mailing Lists

To subscribe to any list, just send a mail to listname-request@meuh.eu.org with subscribe in the mail body. The mailing list manager will send a request for confirmation. Just reply to the message asis.

To unsubscribe, send a email to listname-request@meuh.eu.org with unsubscribe in the mail body.

You can ask the mail manager to get help by putting help in the mail body

Currently, there are 4 mailing lists:

CVS access

All part of fbgetty (source code, documentation, web site) is available by CVS. For those who don't know what CVS is, go here


The fbgetty source code and web site are stored into two separate repositories. You will have to login in each one you want use. Account are not shared: if you have write access to web site but no account for the source code, you should ask for another account on the source code repository.

The 2 repositories are

Browse CVS Repositories online

You could browse the fbgetty web site cvs repository online or the fbgetty source code cvs repository.

Anonymous access (read-only)

First login:
cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@cvs.tuxfamily.org:/cvsroot/project' login
At the password prompt, just hit return there is no password

Then checkout the source:
cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@cvs.tuxfamily.org:/cvsroot/project' -z3 checkout module
Sometimes the source is updated, to keep synchronized use:
cd where the source code is
cvs -z3 update -P -d

Write Access

If you want to rewrite/enhance/update the fbgetty source code or web site, you can request a write access to the CVS repository. Send an email to ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org. If your request is approved, you will get a user name and a password.

Now you need to login:
cvs -d ':pserver:username@cvs.tuxfamily.org:/cvsroot/repository' login
Type your password

And checkout the source (don't keep any anonymous source tree, because the username is saved, so you won't be able to commit changes):
cvs -d ':pserver:username@cvs.tuxfamily.org:/cvsroot/repository' -z3 checkout module

Then make your changes. If you think your changes are good, send them, but do not forgot to document. Please use the same format as ChangeLog. But before doing some changes, notice that there is something like a Coding Style, and a way of doing things but it's not formal. cvs -z3 commit (Note: you commit all the changes made in the current directory by default. You can specify files to commit on the command line)


files directory all the files (older release, rpm, related files)
Stable version fbgetty-0.1.698.tar.gz source code (273K)
Development version fbgetty-0.1.698test2.tar.gz source code (271K)
For RPM packages, you will have to make them yourself, or find someone to maintain. (Available packages were not updated since 0.1.2).
For debian packages, see your closest debian mirror or try "apt-get install fbgetty".

Bug Report

fbgetty bugs are stored at bug.tuxfamily.org. To see already knwon bugs, you could log in as anonymous (password: anonymous). To report bug, log in as fbgetty-bug (password: fbgetty-bug). Or you can create a new account. Registered cvs developper get a privilieged access to the bug report system. All informations changed in the BTS (Bug Tracking System) appear on the mailing list fbgetty-bug@meuh.eu.org.


Send comments, bug fixes, patches to the correct
mailing list described above or directly to ydroneaud@meuh.eu.org