1999 News

Friday October 22 1999 fbgetty-0.1.4: bug corrected. Now fbgetty will work with vga16fb. Download code here
After a long time, I released it ... Some people will said that it's very late and they're true.
Why fbgetty didn't work with vga16fb: the vga16fb work very differently from other framebuffer. vga16fb is composed of 4 plans, one for each bit of the color. Framebuffer memory is written via outb() instead of writting directly in the mmap'ed memory. fbgetty was mmap'ing framebuffer's memory according to the screen resolution x,y and depth. vga16fb is only 64k, the estimated memory is (640*480*4)/8 = 150k, this was the problem.
The next release will be 0.2.0, it will include many changes in the sources, support termcap,curses,ncurses, more portability, and perhaps include the linux penguin (Tux) for linux version (I have a running version with the linux logo (kernel logo) at login time, but I don't want to released it, because it will only run on 8bits depth PSEUDOCOLOR framebuffer on x86 architecture).
Thursday July 08 1999 I'm back from my exams, so development will restart
fbgetty-0.1.3: locale support, preliminary exec support. See NEWS for more information.
Friday April 30 1999 fbgetty-0.1.2: many improvements in code. See NEWS for more information.
Friday April 08 1999 fbgetty-0.1.1: bug correct version (utmp/wtmp update). See NEWS for more information.
Monday March 29 1999 fbgetty-0.1.0: New release, new files, no new fonctions. See NEWS for more information.
Wednesday March 17 1999 fbgetty-0.0.7: Bug correct version. See NEWS for more information.
Monday March 15 1999 fbgetty-0.0.6: second public release. See NEWS for more information.
Monday March 8 1999 fbgetty-0.0.5: fisrt public release.