2000 News

Tuesday September 19 2000 8 months later, a new fbgetty-0.1.5 pre release: fbgetty-0.1.5pre2.
This one support the devfs naming scheme, correctly refresh login name. But memory management is quite bad.
The linux_logo code is still there but it is not activated (see src/prompt.c).
Patch from Max Berger is not included in this pre release, the long tag support will be in 0.1.5 final.
The screen is still cleared, whenever you use the --screen-clear=off option, I'm still searching why (i suppose that a bad ioctl is issued).
Download now fbgetty-0.1.5pre2.tar.gz (190k).
Monday January 31 2000 fbgetty home page have moved here. Update your bookmarks.
Someone ask me for the fbgetty logo version, so I put a pre-version of fbgetty-0.1.5 in pre/. The fbgetty-0.1.5 official release will come shortly after. Just minor problem with linux-2.3.38 (framebuffer device)
There is also a snapshot of the fbgetty-0.2.0 source tree for people interested by the future ...